Honorary Degrees Committee

University of Bristol Honorary Degrees Committee




Vice-Chancellor and President (Chair)

Professor Hugh Brady

The Chair of the Board of Trustees (Vice Chair)

Mr Jack Boyer

Lay member of the Board of Trustees



Sir Paul Nurse


Dr Andrew Sheng


Dr Jackie Cornish

Pro Chancellor

Mr Alex Wilmot-Sitwell

Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost

Professor Judith Squires

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Tansy Jessop

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Philip Taylor

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor John Iredale

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Erik Lithander

Pro Vice-Chancellor 

Professor Sarah Purdy

Dean of Arts

Professor Karla Pollmann

Dean of Engineering

Professor Ian Bond

Dean of Life Sciences

Professor Jeremy Tavare

Dean of Health Sciences

Professor Jane Norman

Dean of Science

Professor Jens Marklof

Dean of Social Sciences and Law

Professor Simon Tormey


Ms Lucinda Parr

In attendance

Terms of Reference

The committee is a joint committee of Senate and the Board of Trustees, to recommend candidates for honorary degrees and honorary fellowships. It will consult with the University Secretary's Office on the first occasion that any proposed amendment to the University statutes and ordinances is discussed.

Meeting dates 2020/21

For meeting dates, please see the Committee Schedule.

Committee Secretary

Helen Cole(0117) 42 83171