Road traffic is the biggest source of air pollution in Bristol. Reducing the number of miles driven is by far the best way to reduce pollution. You may think that you can't do much to help but if all drivers do a little bit it will add up to a noticeable change. To help make a difference whilst still using your car you could use the Park and Ride, Car Share, become a member of the car clubor simply alter the manner in which you drive.

The average driver spends £1,500.00 a year on fuel. By following the 10 simple steps below you could save at least £200.00 a year.

  1. Shift up a gear as soon as possible.
  2. Maintain a steady speed, using the highest gear possible.
  3. Anticipate traffic flow.
  4. Drive smoothly.
  5. Don’t drive aggressively.
  6. Don’t over-rev the engine when start your vehicle.
  7. Don’t stand and wait for the car to warm up.
  8. Switch off the engine when your stuck in a traffic jam, waiting at slow lights or parked at the side of the road.
  9. Slow down.
  10. Use Cruise Control on motorways and dual carriageways.