Car parking at the University of Bristol

Covid-19 update 9 June 2020.

Clifton Campus (Precinct) and Residential and Hospitality Services: 

The current suspension of University Clifton Campus (Precinct) car parking policy and the suspension of the Residential and Hospitality Services car parking policy will expire on Sunday 28 June 2020.  

From Monday 29 June 2020 a new Temporary Covid-19 Parking Policy will come into effect to support the University’s approach to safely returning to the workplace. It supports essential staff so they can return to campus during the University’s ‘re-start’ phase.
To provide extra parking capacity for colleagues working on campus, the temporary policy allows for general staff use of certain car parks at student residences in Clifton and Stoke Bishop. The emergency use by NHS staff of two Clifton campus car parks will also cease when the new policy comes into effect
From Monday 29 June 2020, all users of University car parks on the main Clifton campus and at Residential and Hospitality Services sites must hold a valid permit to park. Details of this new policy, including the eligibility requirements, application and permit award process and the terms & conditions for parking are available here Temporary Covid-19 parking policy (PDF, 291kB)

Staff can apply via the Permitsmarti system here

Honorary staff can apply via the Permitsmarti system here


There are no changes to the current parking policy at Langford  

Why do we manage parking?

Parking information

The University currently has a number of parking policies covering different University locations. Click on the links in the table below to access the relevant pages.

LocationWhat is covered
Precinct & satellite sites Car parks located in the main teaching campus and associated buildings



   Staff & contractors

Car parks located at University halls of residences
Langford Car parks located at Langford Veterinary Services and School of Veterinary Sciences
Coombe Dingle Sports Complex  Currently no parking policy covering this site

Other ways of travelling to the University

Information on all means of transport can be found within the travel and transport section.