Travel Surveys

The University’s 2023 Staff and Student Travel Survey is live from Wednesday 15 November until Wednesday 6 December 2023.

This is a chance for University of Bristol staff and students to let us know about how you travel to and from the University and what changes you’d like to see in the transport services available to help you get around.

The information you provide will help us improve journeys to and from campus for everyone and support the University in achieving its sustainability goals.

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the online questionnaire before the survey closes at midnight on Wednesday 6 December.

University of Bristol staff and students can complete the survey by clicking on this link. 

The University conducts regular surveys of both staff and student travel to monitor progress towards travel plan targets and to help identify priorities for action and investment. 

Staff travel - University of Bristol surveys

Staff travel by main mode 2009 - 2018

It should be noted that as a result of methodological changes to the travel survey and analysis (inclusion of updated travel options and weighting of data to better represent commuting patterns of part-time staff), the complete data sets before and after 2007 are not wholly comparable, but the overall trends for the main travel modes may be considered robust. 

During the pandemic, the University did not conduct a comprehensive staff travel survey, however it did continue to participate in the Travelwest Travel to Work survey. This data can be viewed below. 

Student travel‌ - University of Bristol surveys

Student travel by main mode 2008 - 2020

Staff travel - Travelwest Travel to Work Surveys

The annual Travel to Work survey takes place in March and covers employer organisations in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

2022 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 273kB)

2021 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 387kB)

2020 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 214kB)

2019 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 233kB)

2017 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 292kB)

2016 Travelwest Travel to Work survey (PDF, 279kB)

Staff Travelwest Travel to Work Survey 2007- 2022