• Green Impact Labs: Congratulations to Georgina Mortimer who was the 2018 Winner of the Student Leadership Award.

  • DRWF Fellowship - New York: Good luck to Dr Jody Ye who is leaving us for New York to the Albert Einstein Institute for 18 months


  •  PhD success: Well done to Becca Wyatt for successfully defending her PhD describing new assays to measure risk of type 1 diabetes. Congratulations Dr Wyatt!  



  • Green Impact Lab Awards: Well done to everyone involved in "Green Impact Labs" and a special mention to Saranna Chipper-Keating and Georgina Mortimer who won 3 awards - Platinum and the Community Action, Environmental Improvement and Environmental Hero awards! 
  • New PhD:  Well done to Georgina Mortimer who in September will start her part-time PhD working on "Why children with Down’s Syndrome develop autoimmunity?" 
  • PhD Success: Congratulations Dr Aizhan Kozhakhmetova who graduated with a PhD!  Aizhan’s PhD focused on the development of additional autoimmunity in children with T1D through analysis of samples from BOX.

  • JDRF award: Prof Kathleen Gillespie has been awarded a supplement of $34,635.41 towards the JDRF award "What protects islet antibody positive T1D relatives who do not progress?".

  • Diabetes UK Scholarship success: Kathleen Gillespie, Alistair Williams and Anna Long have received £95,308 which will allow Claire Williams to investigate the mechanisms underlying natural regulation of the autoimmune response to Zinc Transporter 8.

  • Professor Colin Dayan: We welcome back Prof Dayan who this month starts a joint appointment between his current post in Cardiff and his appointment as Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University of Bristol.  


  • Xmas: Diabetes Team Xmas night out at the Riverstation.  Special thanks to Becca for organising the event and producing the christmas quiz!


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