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Within our Green Capital Pledges we have committed to reduce the environmental impact of our campus with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. In fitting with the Sustainable Futures strand of Bristol Futures, we will embed sustainability within our curricula in order to instil these values in the future generation of researchers. We can achieve this by merging our Estates department, academics and students; mutually solving many of the current environmental and financial issues facing our University. The living labs concept mobilises University students and researchers for sustainability efforts, bringing together research and real-world applied solutions on our campus.

Our goal is to provide a structure for students and academics to engage with opportunities to work with Estates staff and our environmental consultants on applied sustainability challenges within our science research. Living labs provides a holistic framework for the co-production of knowledge.

This is a platform for academics and students to suggest research projects that are integrated with the sustainability of our physical laboratories, research outputs or the behaviours that take place within them.

If you are a principal investigator interested in conducting research on campus please fill out this application and our Green Labs team will facilitate the process and connect you with the right staff and administration to coordinate.

Academic living lab form 

If you are a student interested in doing a class project, postgraduate project or other research on campus, please fill out this application and our staff will help you with moving your project forward.

Student living lab form

Contact the Sustainable Science Manager for more information or queries. 

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