Bristol Futures

While studying at Bristol, our students gain a wide range of knowledge and skills that are not only vital to getting the most out of their time at university, but also in preparing them for whatever comes next.

What is Bristol Futures?

Bristol Futures is being designed with input from academic schools, prospective applicants, current students, and employers to clearly define what makes the ‘Bristol Graduate’ unique.

The development of these transferable skills and attributes will be built around three pathways:

  1. Innovation & Enterprise
  2. Global Citizenship
  3. Sustainable Futures

Three optional non-credit-bearing courses aligned with these pathways will be introduced in 2017.

Benefits of Bristol Futures

Bristol Futures will build upon our core academic values and the benefits of a research-led curriculum and encourage our students to be creative, open-minded, confident free thinkers, who make judgements and decisions based on evidence, taking account of the wider context.

It will also provide our students with an opportunity to develop their core academic skills further through application outside their own discipline.

How we will implement Bristol Futures

There are multiple aspects to Bristol Futures and implementation will be phased.

Working with partners in the city and the wider region, we will coordinate more opportunities for professional and community engagement. These enhanced opportunities will give our students an early insight into careers and help them to develop and apply their skills in a non-academic context.

By 2019, all programmes will include elements of the Bristol Futures pathways as part of their credit-bearing curriculum - the way in which these are embedded will vary between disciplines.

Why choose Bristol?

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Information for students

We are including students in the project. Find out about the work they are doing towards Bristol Futures.

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