Be the Change

Be the Change is a campaign that encourages staff and students to make sustainable choices and take action across six key lifestyle areas.

Research shows that if we all address our consumerist ways and advocate for justice we can create better outcomes for ourselves and the planet. Read on to find out more about our six challenges to change the future.

Green beans sprouting Food

Eat a largely plant-based diet, with healthy portions and no waste. 

A rail of vintage shirts Fashion

Refresh your wardrobe with only second-hand clothes.

A person cycling in the city Travel

Walk, cycle or use public transport. Travel by land or ferry over flying, where possible.

A person using a tablet and laptop. Electricals

Keep electrical items for seven years or more.

Halls switch off button Water and Energy

Notice and act on inefficiencies such as leaking taps or draughts. Enjoy four-minute showers.

A person planting Action

Make a positive contribution by volunteering, recycling, growing plants, composting and raising awareness.


  1. You’ll make an impact: Government and business do have most responsibility, but evidence shows that in wealthy countries everyone needs to make personal changes within 10 years.  
  2. You’ll grow as a person: Taking yourself outside of your comfort zone and is vital for building your confidence and developing new skills. 
  3. You’ll enjoy it: Less stuff, more joy! You’ll get more creative in the kitchen, seek out second hand bargains, spend more time outdoors and meet people on the sustainability journey. 

Even if you can’t keep to it 100%, you can still ‘Be the Change’ and just do what you can.  

What's on?

Each month we focus on a challenge. Here's a look at the year ahead: January - Food, February - Action, March - Travel, April - Fashion, May - Water & Energy, October - all challenges re-launch, November - Water & Energy, December - Electricals. 

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