Registering attendance using the University of Bristol Check-In app

Check in to your lectures, seminars, labs or any other teaching sessions using the attendance Check-In app.

We use many ways of registering attendance. This includes physical or online registers, one time codes, and UCard swipes. Taught students should now use the University of Bristol Check-In app.

Who should use the Check-In app

Unless advised otherwise by your School, you should use the app if you are:

  • an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student (anywhere in the University)

  • a student on the International Foundation Programme in the Centre for Academic Language Development.

The Check-In app is used for timetabled in-person classes in a single building. This includes where a single activity takes place in many rooms in the same building. For example, lab carousels or overflow rooms.

The Check-In app is not used for:

  • online only classes
  • classes that take place in more than one building
  • postgraduate research students, whose attendance is monitored via supervisory meetings.

Why you should check in

We ask students to record attendance so all students can receive the right support and guidance.

Checking into classes is one simple way of letting us know that you are engaging with your studies. If we notice that you have not been checking in, we may contact you to understand the reasons. We can then offer support if needed.

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires that students sponsored by the University of Bristol have their engagement with their studies monitored and reported. It is important that you keep us up to date by checking into your on-campus classes. This will enable your continued visa sponsorship.

How to download the app

Download the University of Bristol Check-In app before your first class to avoid teaching delays.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You can also check in using a web browser on a laptop or other device.

How to check in

You should check in to your on-campus classes. This means any teaching session taking place on campus. This includes lectures, seminars, lab sessions, and any other in-person activity in your timetable.

You do not need to check in at any online classes you may have.

If you are absent for any reason, follow your school’s process for notifying absence.

Checking in on the app

You can check in from 10 minutes before the start of your classes.

Check in when you arrive at the location of your class to reduce any disruption at the start of the session.

  1. Make sure your device's location services are switched on (both for your device and the Check-in app) and showing your current location.

  2. Open the UoB Check-In app.

  3. Tap on the "Attendance Check-in" tile.

  4. Find your current class. If this isn't shown, tap "Refresh" and wait for it to load.

  5. Tap "Check-in". A green tick will confirm your check-in has been received.

  6. Tap "Finish". The app will process your check-in and display the result.

You cannot check in to a class after it has ended. Your attendance record cannot be changed by either your School or IT Services.

Check-in reminder notifications

The app can send a reminder notification 5 minutes before each class is due to start. To switch on these notifications, or check current settings:

  • On iOS (Apple) devices, open the Check-In app and tap on "settings" at the bottom of the screen.
  • On Android devices, you can change app notifications from the device’s "Settings > Apps > UoB Check-In" menu.

View your check-in history

You can view your check-in history in the "Attendance Check-in" tile. Click on the "History" icon at the bottom of the screen and select the times you want to review.

Check-in not recorded as valid

The most common reasons for a failed check-in are:

  • The location recorded by your device did not match the location where your class was meant to take place. At your next in-person class, make sure you are in the location where your class is timetabled to take place and your device is showing your location accurately before checking in.

  • You did not have location services turned on, or the UoB Check-In app or web browser did not have permission to use them. (More details under Problems using the app.)

  • You did not tap "Check-in" during the check-in window. The check-in window opens 10 minutes before your class starts and closes when your class ends. At your next in-person class, make sure you check-in during this time.

  • After you checked in, your device had no internet connection. Records are processed overnight and if the system hasn’t seen your check-in yet you’ll be marked as absent. Keep your device switched on and connected to the internet until it’s had a chance to upload your check-in data.

Forgotten or missed checking in to a class

If you forgot or were unable to check in to one of your classes for any reason, don’t worry. Just remember to check in for the rest of your classes.

Problems using the app

If the app is not working, try the following:

On iOS (Apple) mobile devices:

  • Turn on location settings for the device (in "Settings > Privacy & Security".) Location Services must be on.

  • Turn on location permissions for the UoB Check-In app (in "Settings > UoB Check-In” towards the bottom of the screen). Location should be set to "Always".

  • If you are using a web browser to check-in (e.g. Google Chrome) turn on location services for the web browser app.

  • Log out and log back in again, by tapping "Settings" at the bottom of the screen and selecting logout. When you log back in, check your login details are correct as previous errors can be copied over.

  • Uninstall and re-install the app.

On Android devices:

  • Turn on location settings for the device (in "Settings > Location".) "Use location" must be on.

  • Turn on location permissions for the UoB Check-In app (in "Settings > Location > App location permissions"). "Location permission" must be set to "Always allow" or "Allow while using the app".

  • If you are using a web browser to check-in (e.g. Google Chrome) turn on location services for the web browser app.

  • Log out and log back in again, by tapping the three dots in the top right of the app. Then on "Settings" and then the sign out button next to the three dots (it looks like a key). When you log back in, check your login details are correct as previous errors can be copied over. 

  • Uninstall and re-install the app.


If you continue to have problems, you can check in using the web browser version. You can use this on your mobile device or your laptop. 

On a Windows 11 laptop:

  • In “Settings > Privacy & security > Location”, turn on location services. 

  • Also turn on location services for the web browser you are using to access the Check-In app in the "Let apps access your location" section.

On a Mac

  • In "System Settings > Privacy & Security", turn on location services.
  • Also turn on location services for the web browser you are using to access the Check-In app.

If you are having ongoing problems with the app, contact the IT Service Desk for support, giving the times, locations and names of 2 or 3 of the classes affected, the device you are using, and details of what happened, including any messages displayed.

If you don’t have a device which allows you to check in, you may be able to apply for funding to buy a device via the University hardship fund.

How we use location services

When you check-in, the app records the location of your device at that time and compares it with the location of the room in your timetable. The app calculates the distance between your device and the timetabled room. It uses this to confirm your attendance at that session. 

The location of the device is only recorded at the time the "Check-in" button is pressed. It is not recorded at other times.

We join several Universities using this student-led approach to attendance capture.  The use of the app has been fully assessed by the University, including both Legal and IT Services, with a focus on the impact of users of the app. The data collected is minimised to satisfy attendance purposes only. The University is not collecting data or using the app in a way that makes the data accessible to third parties.

Give us your feedback

We have introduced the Check-In app for the 2023/24 academic year in response to student and staff feedback. We have a legal duty to ensure that we are recording attendance. We want this to be as simple as possible so students can focus on learning and academics can focus on teaching.

Give us your feedback on using University of Bristol Check-In so we can keep improving the student experience.

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