Study spaces

We have spaces and facilities across the campus to help you study, including library study spaces, blended learning spaces, or open access computers for you to use.

School and faculty study spaces

There are many study spaces across our schools and faculties. Find a school or faculty study space.

Non-silent study spaces

Non-silent spaces are somewhere to do quiet learning, group study or join in with online sessions.

Non-silent areas are either in dedicated study spaces, which do not need to be booked, at:

or they can be rooms that are timetabled for teaching, but not used all the time, and are available for you to use when they are free.

Teaching spaces are available from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays when they are not being used for teaching.

If your home wifi is poor or slow, then non-silent study spaces allow you to participate in online meetings, seminars and any other form of online learning where you need to be able to speak.

How to find a vacant teaching space for non-silent study

  • Search for a room by building. It will show if the room is free or booked over the next 3 hours. It is a good idea to start your search with the building you are in.
  • You can use the space until a booked event is due to start.
  • Rooms are not bookable. You may find that they have been taken at short notice by academic staff. Most of the time, they will be available.

Find a vacant teaching space

Equipment and facilities

Equipment and facilities available will depend on the individual room or space. All spaces have Wifi access, desks and chairs. Not all spaces have a powerpoint for every desk.

Find the nearest

Disabled access

Find out detailed information about the accessibility of our facilities.

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