Student counselling

Our approach to counselling at the University of Bristol.

Student counselling is free for all of our currently registered students.

When you complete the request wellbeing support form our wellbeing advisers will direct you to the most suitable support or service.

Counselling sessions

If you are referred to counselling, we will email you the details of your first appointment. 

After that, we use the one-at-a-time (OAAT) model. One at a time is a short-term counselling model that gives you the flexibility to ask for counselling when you need it most. 

You book each session as you go. 

The video explains OAAT in more detail. 

Counselling with Nilaari

Nilaari is a community-based counselling charity. If we are unable to provide a counsellor that represents your needs (for example, certain ethnicity or language), Nilaari may be able to help. Contact them on +44 (0)117 952 5742 for up to six free counselling sessions. 

Our counsellors and mental health advisors

Our counsellors and mental health advisers have experience with issues relevant to university students. 

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