Prepare for your counselling session

How to get ready for your counselling session.

For your first appointment, we will email you:


1. Email your preferences and/ or accessibility needs

If you have any specific needs (such as identity, ethnicity or accessibility) email us at

2. Read the confidentiality and data protection policy

Read the confidentiality and data protection policy to understand how your information may be shared and stored. This will reduce the time it will take you and your counsellor

to complete this process.

3. Complete the questionnaire

The day before your session, we will send you another email with a link to a questionnaire.

Complete the questionnaire before your session to help us get a better understanding of how you are feeling.

4. Final checks

Face to face

Check your appointment email to see where your session will take place. It will have all the information.

Online session 

Download Microsoft Teams to your device before your first session.

Check for software updates for your video and audio software.

Think carefully about where you will sit so you are comfortable and can maintain privacy. 

Your counsellor or mental health advisor will call you.

Phone session

Check the phone number you have registered with us. Your counsellor or mental health adviser will call you from a withheld number.

If you want them to call you on a different number, reply to your appointment email to tell us. 

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