Status of exceptional circumstances form

Check the status of your form

You can check the status of your form at any point. The status will change as your application is processed. Your form will show one of the following:


You are working on a form which you have not yet submitted. No one else can see your form at this stage.


Your form is submitted and awaiting review by your school. You can no longer edit your form.

Further information required

You need to provide more information or evidence. Your school will email you to tell you what is required. You need to resubmit your form once updated.

No further action

One of:

  • You need to submit a different form, for example to request a coursework extension or self-certify absence from an exam. Your school will email you to ask you to complete the correct form.
  • You have asked to withdraw your form.
  • You have suspended or withdrawn from your course.
  • Your exceptional were deemed not for classification by the Exceptional Circumstances Committee.
  • You are an undergraduate student on a non-modular programme whose marks were not discussed at the exam board.

Ready for exceptional circumstances committee (ECC)

You have correctly completed the form. Your form is awaiting review by the ECC.

Considered by exceptional circumstances committee (ECC)

Your form has been considered by the ECC. 

Ready for exam board

The ECC have classified the duration and impact on your studies. Your form is awaiting review by the exam board.

Considered by exam board

The exam board has received your EC classification anonymously from the ECC and decided what action, if any, is required to take account of the circumstances. They will not change your marks.

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