The process

Phase one (months one to five)

Phase one will involve a number of steps:
1. The construction of each of the six EWGs
These will consist of a Chair and between six to eight members (for details on how to apply to become a member, click here).
2. The appointment of international experts
International experts will be selected by the Chairs of each EWG. Their main role will be to remotely support the EWGs in the production of the working groups papers and technical reports. They may also attend the Scientific Consensus Meeting.
3. Formal purposive systematic reviews of the existing and new evidence conducted by each EWG
4. A national consultation on the current UK CMO Guidelines and their implementation
This provides other academics, stakeholders and the wider scientific community the opportunity to comment on the current physical activity guidelines.
5. Production of working group papers
These will be used as a starting point for discussion at the Scientific Consensus Meeting.  

Phase two (months six and seven)

The second phase of the review process will see the meeting of the EWGs, academics, stakeholders and communications and design experts at a Scientific Consensus Meeting to discuss the working group papers. Based on feedback from the meeting, the EWGs will review and revise each paper. 

Phase three (months eight to twelve)

The final phase will again, consist of a number of steps:
1. A second national consultation on the draft physical activity recommendations
A first draft of updated physical activity guidelines will be produced by each EWG which will be open for feedback from those who participated in the first national consultation. 
2. Production of a final technical report by the EWGs
This will include the final recommendations for the new UK physical activity guidelines, which are given to the UK CMOs to sign-off.
3. Production of the final CMO Physical Activity Guidelines Report
This will be supported by the CMO Guidelines Writing Group Chaired by Dr. Charlie Foster.  
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