Expert Panel Members

Expert Working Groups

The Chairs for each working group are as follows:
Under 5s – Professor John Reilly
Children and young people (ages 5-18 years) – Professor Russ Jago
Adults (ages 19-64 years) – Professor Marie Murphy
Older adults (ages 65+) – Professor Dawn Skelton
Sedentary behaviour – Professor Ashley Cooper
Communication and surveillance - Professor Nanette Mutrie
All Chairs were involved in the previous EWGs in the 2011 CMO Guidelines. Each EWG will have a maximum of eight members plus the Chair and Dr. Charlie Foster. The evidence review needs of each Expert Working Group will be supported by the Central Review Team.

The role of the 'Expert Working Groups' 

Expert Working Group (EWG) members were selected in January 2018 and represent experts in the physical activity field from around the UK. Members within each group are up to date with the latest evidence and research for their group, ensuring that the process for updating the guidelines is rigorous. The members (excluding the Chairs) for each EWG are:
  • Under 5's

    Dr. Xanne Janssen
    Dr. Ruth Kipping
    Dr. Adrienne Hughes
    Dr. Anne Martin
    Prof. Sonia Livingstone
    Dr. Catherine Hill
    Dr. Kathryn Hesketh

  • Children and young people

    Prof. Stuart Fairclough
    Dr. Simon Sebire
    Dr. Lauren Sherar
    Prof. Craig Williams
    Dr. Paul McCrorie
    Dr. Kelly Mackintosh
    Dr. Esther van Sluijs

  • Adults

    Prof. Andy Jones
    Dr. James Steele
    Dr. David Broom
    Dr. Jet Veldhuijzen van Zanten
    Dr. Cindy Gray
    Prof. Jason Gill
    Prof. Dylan Thompson

  • Older adults

    Dr. Garry Tew
    Dr. Mark Tully
    Dr. Afroditi Stathi
    Dr. Carolyn Greig
    Dr. Daniel Cleather
    Prof. Rob Copeland
    Dr. Alexandra Mavroeidi

  • Sedentary behaviour

    Prof. Stuart Biddle
    Dr. Sebastien Chastin
    Dr. Thomas Yates
    Dr. Stacy Clemes
    Dr. Sally Fenton
    Dr. Claire Fitzsimons
    Dr. Richard Pulsford

  • Communication and surveillance

    Dr. Karen Milton
    Bob Laventure
    Tessa Strain
    Laura Smith
    Dr. Philippa Dall
    Dr. Andy Pringle
    Dr. Paul Kelly
    Anna Chalkley
    Prof. Martyn Standage
    Nick Colledge

The role of the EWGs is to review new evidence for physical activity and certain health outcomes (i.e. the effect of physical activity on the risk factors for cardiovascular disease) and make a judgement on whether this evidence suggests a change to the current physical activity recommendations for their group (e.g. Under 5s). It is also the EWGs responsibility to review existing UK and international approaches to the implementation of national physical activity guidelines, and surveillance of physical activity and make any recommendations to improve the way UK do this.

Once this stage is complete, EWGs will write a technical report with their draft physical activity recommendations. These are then open to feedback at the Scientific Consensus Meeting (SCM). EWG members will be participating in the SCM, helping to present their findings, support small workshops and clarify challenging issues from other scientists and stakeholders.

Once the draft physical activity recommendations have been discussed at the SCM, the EWGs will refine and put forward a final technical report for their group with the updated UK physical activity recommendations. These will then be used by the four UK CMOs to write the updated physical activity guidelines.

UK and International Experts

The role of UK and international experts

Experts will be asked to provide advice to Chairs of the EWGs on specific technical matters in relation to evidence or implementation, by contributing their own individual scientific knowledge and experience of production and implementation of national guidelines. They will also provide an oversight and short review of the technical papers produced by the EWGs and CMO Writing Group. UK and international members are:

UK experts

  • Prof. Alan Batterham, Teeside University
  • Simon Williams
  • Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon, University of Exeter
  • Prof. Gareth Stratton, Swansea University

International experts

  • Prof. Tony Okely, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Prof. Russ Pate, University of South Carolina, USA
  • Prof. Jo Salmon, Deakin University, Australia
  • Prof. Abby King, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
  • Prof. Ulf Ekelund, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Norway
  • Dr. Wanda Wendel-Vos, Centre for Prevention and Health Services Research of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands
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