MyHeart Beat



MyHeart Beat explores diet, physical activity and cardiometabolic health in Malaysian adolescents: from epidemiology to intervention.

The project aims to:

1) Look at how different lifestyle factors combine to create an overall behavioural pattern that predicts better health in adolescents over time

2) Investigate novel biomarkers, using metabolomics, to find out in much more detail than ever before how behaviour leads to better cardiovascular health

3) Talk to adolescents, school staff and government officials about how they could adopt the behaviours we think are important for health

4) Design and pilot test an intervention for improving diet and physical activity in schools

The MyHeart (Malaysian Health and Adolescents longitudinal Research Team) study is a prospective cohort of 1361 schoolchildren followed from 13-17yrs old. MyHeart Beat (Behavioural Epidemiology and Trial) builds on this cohort to find factors that predict good health and then work out how to change them in schools.

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