ENGAGE - ENquiry into women with GAstric banding in pregnancy to Guide management and improve Experience



Women who are overweight are more likely to suffer low mood and have a poor self- image before weight-loss surgery. However, some studies show that women have lower risk of depression and a better image of themselves after weight-loss surgery. What has not been looked at is how pregnancy may affect the wellbeing and mood of women who have a gastric band. We are also unsure what issues would be most important to women if they had to make a decision on whether they keep their band inflated or deflated in early pregnancy. We plan to ask women who are pregnant after gastric band surgery about their experiences of pregnancy and what issues (e.g. risk of problems for mother or baby) would affect their views on whether the band should be inflated or deflated in pregnancy.  We also plan to find out whether women would have liked to take part in a study comparing inflation with deflation of the band in pregnancy, and what could have made them taking part in such a study more likely. This will help us plan a large study to answer the main question: inflate or deflate the band in pregnancy?

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