The Continental Breakfast Project


  • Funder: Kelloggs
  • Principal Lead: Dr Laura Johnson
  • Project Staff: Dr Juan Pablo Rey Lopez
  • Research Centre: Exercise Nutrition and Health Sciences


The Continental breakfast project is a secondary analysis investigating breakfast habits among European adults. Drawing on data collected in the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) calibration study, which involves 24hr dietary recalls in 36,694 people from 10 countries, we are describing if, when and what people eat for breakfast. A key aim is to separate ‘what’ is eaten from ‘when’ breakfast is consumed in relation to long-term health outcomes. Would health be improved more by increased consumption of specific nutrient-rich breakfast foods at any time of day or should we encourage the consumption of any foods early in the morning? The project will help us to understand what breakfast means in diverse populations and what exactly it is about breakfast that improves health. This information will give us a better idea about the types of eating behaviour that we should be encouraging for disease prevention.


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