Football and Domestic Violence & Abuse


Funder: Sir Stewart Halley Charity
Principal Applicant: Dr Emma Williamson
Co-researchers: Dr. Oona Brooks, University of Glasgow & Dr. Nancy Lombard, Glasgow Caledonian University
End date: July 2015


This feasibility study involved consulting with a range of key stakeholders to discuss how we can better understand, measure, and respond to the potential links between football and domestic violence/abuse (dva[i]).  Current research suggests there may be a link between football and dva but we do not yet have an adequate understanding of this link, or what it might mean for victims/survivors, perpetrators, those who provide support services or footballing organisations. 

The key issues to arise were:

[1] We use the phrase domestic violence/abuse, or dva, in recognition of the different terminology used in Scotland and England.



  1. Disseminate, via the key stakeholders, the evidence literature review compiled by the co-authors (Crowley et al, 2015[i]).
  2. Support joint working between Scottish Women’s Aid, Women’s Aid England, and Scottish footballing authorities.
  3. Look, with Football United, and with assistance from Scottish policy makers, at where government led opportunities in England are possible.
  4. Assist in the positive communication and dissemination of Football United.
  5. Work with the stakeholder group on the submission of one or more of the following research options.


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