CHICOS - Developing a CHild COhort Strategy in Europe



Mother-children cohorts across Europe collect a wealth of information on childhood diseases and their determinants, but these cohorts are scattered and data are often fragmented.  Although cohort research has large potential policy implications, messages are not always filtering through to policy at the national, let alone the European, level. 

CHICOS (Developing a CHIld COhort Strategy in Europe) aims to improve child health across Europe by developing an integrated strategy for mother-child cohort research.  Staff at the School for Policy Studies and Social Medicine are working with colleagues from Spain, Denmark, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Norway to create an overview of these cohorts in Europe and increase co-ordination on key health outcomes and determinants. 

The School for Policy Studies will be particularly focused on understanding the current use of cohorts in policy, and discussing with policy makers their needs.  CHICOS will work closely with policy makers to ensure that guidelines across Europe are based on the best available evidence.

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