Foster carer payments schedule and fees framework



This project in collaboration with LE (Wales) aims to produce a maintenance payment schedule and fee framework for foster carers in Wales that will inform policy development in this area.

A review of the existing research and relevant data on expenditure will be followed by an electronic  survey of 22 Welsh local authorities and independent fostering agencies (IFPs) to establish existing practice.

A sample of 30 foster carers will be asked to complete an expenditure diary and will be invited to participate in focus groups. It is important to base allowances on the actual costs of caring for a child. Therefore, the focus groups will work on which elements make caring for a foster child more expensive than caring for a birth child. Foster carers will also be asked their views on the development of a fee framework.

One hundred children and young people in foster care in Wales will also be invited to complete a questionnaire so that their views of the allowances can be heard. Is the fostering allowance sufficient and used to enable children and young people to participate in social and educational activities? Does it reduce or contribute to social exclusion?


Final report (PDF, 2.18Mb)

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