Working with challenging and disruptive situations in residential child care: Sharing effective practice



This research was commissioned by SCIE in response to concerns about the behavioural management problems posed by young people living in residential children’s homes.  It had a particular focus on Northern Ireland.  The Bristol-based researchers completed a systematic review of the international research literature and Northern Ireland colleagues undertook a practice survey of managers, staff and young people in NI.

The specific aims of the project were to identify:

The research review identified just 33 reliable publications over 20 years on this topic.  The review concluded that most residents do not pose major behavioural problems.  Those who do, include both boys and girls, although girls are more likely to be the victims. Challenging behaviour occurs mainly during the evenings and at night. Staff responses are too often reactive rather than proactive.  There was no evidence that particular types of structured interventions were more effective than others.


The following reports and summaries can be downloaded from the SCIE website by following these links.

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