Domestic violence in India and the UK: Understanding domestic violence against women & its management across cultures



This project has resulted in an academic link between the Violence Against Women Research Group, University of Bristol and the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, University of Mumbai, India. Four international visits have taken place so far. In Mumbai, a two day seminar on designing domestic violence training manuals for community development and for shelter workers took place. This was followed by a one day specialist seminar for head teachers and teachers in primary schools on domestic violence in the school curriculum. Then a one day seminar on researching domestic violence and a one day seminar comparing domestic violence policy in Mumbai and the UK took place. In all seminars work has taken place jointly with NGOs and domestic violence experts in India and has attempted to avoid western dominance. A small scale exploratory and comparative research project is in progress looking at domestic violence policy. In this country, a wide range of NGOs and university groups have participated in the link. The project also facilitates visits and networking across the NGO sector in Maharahastra on violence against women issues and is leading to new research and training initiatives between the two institutions and countries.

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