Teaching and learning social work skills



This project has two aims. Firstly, to undertake a comprehensive review of the literature on the teaching and learning of social work skills on UK training programmes, and secondly, to establishing a social work skills website (SkillsNet), designed to enable academics, students, practitioners, service users and carers to share knowledge and experiences in relation to social work skills and interventions. The specific outputs include:

  1. undertaking a literature review of social work skills teaching and learning, using selected journals covering 1995-2005, plus texts
  2. writing two papers on the findings of this research
  3. organising the setting up a website to disseminate this research and information relating to social work skills teaching and learning, and how to evaluate effectiveness
  4. organising a final workshop to disseminate the research findings and to make this knowledge, and the social work skills website, more accessible to a wider community.
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