Identifying and assessing the practical needs of domestic violence offenders to inform early intervention



The study is funded by the Northern Rock Foundation and involves a unique collaboration with the Home Office, who will carry out parallel work with shared findings. The project explores services and support required to assist domestic violence offenders not to re-offend, in addition to rehabilitation programmes. The work builds on a recently completed study led by Prof Marianne Hester, examing attrition in cases entering the criminal justice system across the North East of England (Hester et al, 2003). The previous study concluded that:

The new study will develop a detailed picture of offenders entering the criminal justice system, their path through the system, the other agencies and services involved, and the most effective approaches to curtailing repeat, and especially chronic, offenders. It was apparent from the earlier study that multi-agency working across the criminal justice and non-criminal justice sectors is needed with regard to offenders, and the new research seeks to map the existing services and partnerships existing as well as any further developments needed.


The following reports are published on the Northern Rock Foundation website

Download the research report (PDF, 244kB)

Download the service provision document (PDF, 58kB)

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