Immigration, marriage & domestic violence



This one year project is an exploratory study which will examine the experiences of domestic violence of South Asian immigrant women in the UK, and disseminate the findings with women’s agencies in India, especially focused in Mumbai/Bombay and in areas from which immigration to the UK takes place. The research is a partnership with colleagues at Nirmala Niketan, University of Mumbai, and will be conducted during two international visits. Focus groups with South Asian immigrant women who have experienced domestic violence in the UK will be conducted mainly in Asian women’s refuges, building on pilot groups already conducted. They will examine problems faced by women experiencing domestic violence in this country having agreed to come here to marry. Findings will be fed back through workshops and discussions with women’s organisations and groups in India. It is anticipated that this pilot research will lead to a larger project on the subject which is innovatory and pioneering in research terms.


Final report (PDF, 83kB)

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