Training is provided by INTERFACE ENTERPRISES LTD. They have a range of accredited trainers who are licensed to provide this training.

Training can be delivered via a number of different options and each programme is tailored to meet your needs. Below are some examples. 

  • Inception/Planning meeting - understand vision, approach, processes etc.
  • Deliver 2 Day Training Package - including the comprehensive manual and all learning resources.
  • Deliver 2 Follow up consultancy support sessions - focus to be agreed. Could include for example using the model under cross examination in court or action learning sets using live cases.

Costs vary according to the delivery option and the number of learners. Please talk to Interface about how they can best support you.

What does the training give you?

The C-Change approach supports:

  • Clear thinking and professional judgement
  • Better decision-making
  • Improvements in the quality and accuracy of assessments.
  • Improved outcomes for children, arising from improvements in decisions themselves, and improved timeliness of decisions.
  • A systemic change in practice
  • Greater cost-effectiveness.
  • a more confident workforce
  • better understanding of what helps and hinders behaviour change
  • a more analytical workforce
  • more effective ways of working with cases that seem stuck

NB: C-Change is compatible with current approaches, including Signs of Safety, and the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need.


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