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This directory provides a quick way of accessing and downloading the documents that are published on this website. It is primarily aimed at people who know the specific document that they require. Alternatively, summary information about each document and links to other resources relating to it, are also available to read before downloading from the relevant sections of our website.

Document directory
Accident, environmental incident and dangerous occurrence reports Report form and guidance on University arrangements.
Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act (Pathogens and Toxins) (PDF, 30 kB) Guidance on biomaterials covered by the Act (Schedule 5)
Artificial Optical Radiation (PDF, 2502 kB) A Non-Binding Guide to Directive 2006/25/EC
Biosafety - Laboratory Permit to Work (Office document, 99 kB) Template form
Biosafety -  Biorisk Management Policy (html) Biorisk management policies, procedures and resources (online interactive content and static PDF)
Biosafety - Waste Decontamination and Disposal Guidamce (PDF, 99 kB) -
Biosafety - Biological Agent Hazard Groups (PDF, 665 kB) The approved list of biological agents Note this is subject to revision in 2013
Biosafety - Cell Culture Guidance (PDF, 134 kB) -
Biosafety - Containment Guidance (PDF, 121 kB) Biological containment level measures: Guidance information
Biosafety - GMM Risk Assessment (Office document, 101 kB) Biorisk assessment template for GM micro-organisms/animal cell cultures. Also see forms for assessing wild-type agents/biological materials, GM animals and the BGMSC Review Process
Biosafety  - ASU Risk Assessment Supplement (Office document, 57 kB) Hazard and Risk Summary Form for Research Work within ASU. Provision of information to ASU staff.
Biosafety - Pathogen Risk Assessment (Office document, 79 kB) Biorisk assessment template for pathogens and biohazardous material (not GM)
Biosafety - GM Animal Risk Assessment (Office document, 83 kB) Biorisk assessment template for GM animals (transgenics). Also see forms for assessing wild-type agents/biological materials, GM biological agents and the BGMSC Review Process.
Biosafety - Risk Assessment Review (html) Review Process
Chemical Hazard Warning Signs (PDF, 302 kB) -
Chemical Safety - Drug Precursors (PDF, 87 kB) Purchase, Use and Storage of
Chemical Safety - Safe Storage of Chemicals (PDF, 149 kB) -
Hazardous Chemical Management (PDF, 885 kB) Control of Chemically Hazardous Substances Code of Practice
Chemical Waste Disposal See Sustainability website for disposal form and information.
Community-based Research (PDF, 89 kB) Guidance
Contaminated item clearance permit (Office document, 63 kB) Contaminated item clearance permit
COSHH Chemical Risk Assessment (Office document, 31 kB) Blank form template. Also see COSHH Chemical Risk Assessment Examples.
COSHH Chemical Risk Assessment (PDF, 20 kB) Example 1
COSHH Chemical Risk Assessment (PDF, 36 kB) Example 3
COSHH Chemical Risk Assessment (PDF, 39 kB) Example 2
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - Assessment Flow Chart (PDF, 49 kB) Flow chart outlining the DSE assessment process
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - Assessors (PDF, 158 kB) Assessors Handbook
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - Eye Tests  (PDF, 59 kB) Authorisation form for a DSE user eye test
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Policy (PDF, 133 kB) -
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment (Office document, 40 kB) Risk Assessment Form
Driving Policy (PDF, 92 kB) Driving at Work Policy
Driving at Work - Monthly Vehicle Check List Driving at Work - Monthly Vehicle Check List
Driving at Work - Vehicle Journey Log Driving at Work - Vehicle Journey Log
Drugs and Alcohol (PDF, 130 kB) Statement on the possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol.
Electrical Safety Policy (PDF, 174 kB) Electrical Safety Code of Practice
Equipment requiring insurance (PDF, 45 kB) -
Ergonomic Equipment Online Loan Form Online Microsoft form used to order ergonomic equipment from Safety and Health Services
Ergonomic Equipment Loan e-Form (PDF, 255 kB) A PDF version of the online form for staff who cannot access the online form. The e-form can be downloaded, completed and emailed to
EPR Permit Open Sources University Precinct (PDF 958kB) EPR Permit Open Sources - University Precinct
Events - Barbecues Guidance (PDF, 119 kB) Also see main Events Guidance.
Events - Food Stalls (PDF, 118 kB) Guidance on requirements. Also see main Events Guidance.
Events - Inflatable Play Equipment (PDF. 102 kB) Guidance on their use at events. Also see main Events Guidance.
Events (PDF, 141 kB) A guide for event organisers. Also see specific guidance on Barbecues, Food Stalls and Inflatables at events.
Fieldwork Working off-site (health and safety) guidance (PDF, 216 kB) Includes guidance on fieldwork
Fire Alarm Failure (PDF, 72 kB) Guidance on the use of buildings when the fire alarm is out of service (due to maintenance or faults)
Fire Alarms (PDF, 56 kB) What to do if you hear the fire alarm or discover a fire
Fire Drills (PDF, 73 kB) Guidance on arranging fire drills
Fire Safety Induction (Powerpoint, 867 kB) Example media presentation for use by Schools etc.
Fire Safety Policy (PDF, 85 kB) -
Fire Safety Signage (PDF, 271 kB) Guidance on compliance
Fire Wardens (PDF, 77 kB) Guidance on the provision of Fire Wardens
First Aid Equipment (Office document, 108 kB) The standard list of equipment for a first aid box and a re-order form
First aid guidance (PDF, 370 kB) -
First aid risk assessment template (Office document, 81 kB) Appendix 1 from the first aid guidance
Furniture purchasing guide (ergonomic & DSE considerations) (PDF, 231 kB) -
Hazardous area clearance permit (Office document, 76 kB) -
Health and Safety Policies, Responsibilities and Organisation (PDF, 95 kB) -
Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 298 kB) University statement of health and safety policy
Home Working (PDF, 97 kB) Guidance on working from home
Ionising Radiation Safety Seminar (Powerpoint, 768 kB) HSE Inspector's presentation
Laboratory Inspection (Office document, 70 kB) An inspection form for laboratories
Laser Policy (PDF, 1044 kB) Policy on Work with Non-ionising Radiation
Laser Training (PPT, 1647 kB) Training slides
Lasers (PDF, 756 kB) AURPO guidance on their safe use
Legionella Control Policy (PDF, 87 kB) Control of Legionella bacteria in infrequently used water outlets.
Local Rules Template for Schools and Faculties (Office document, 215 kB) -
Local Rules Template for Support Services / Process Owners (Office document, 203 kB) -
Lone Worker Protection (PDF, 329 kB) A guide to the service provided by Bristol City Council. Also see our Lone Working Guidance document.
Lone Working (PDF, 312 kB) Guidance on lone working. Also see our guide to the Lone Worker Monitoring Service provided by Bristol City Council.
Manual handling (PDF, 522 kB) Guidance
Microwave Ovens (PDF, 178 kB) Maintenance and testing guidance
Near Miss 1-page Guide (PDF, 230kB) A short guide to the definitions of near misses and accidents
Noise (PDF, 89 kB) Controlling the risk at work
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Policy (PDF, 68 kB) Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Policy
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Guidance and Forms (docx, 60 kB) PEEP guidance and form templates
Portable appliance testing (PDF 88 kB) PAT information
Precinct Radioactivity Limits 2011 (Office document, 67 kB) Proposed changes to limits for 2011
Pregnancy - new and expectant mothers guidance (PDF, 106 kB) Guidance for new and expectant mothers in the workplace
Radiation - DRPS list (PDF, 21 kB) School DRPS list
Radiation (ionising) policy (PDF, 21 kB) -
Radiation (non-ionising) policy (PDF, 53 kB) -
Radiation Worker Training (Office document, 28 kB) Template for local training records
Radioactive Open Sources Pemit (PDF, 218 kB) Registration of open sources - Precinct permit
Radioactive Open Sources Permit (PDF, 107 kB) Variation permit for the registration of open Sources - Langford site
Radioactive Open Sources Permit (PDF, 224 kB) Registration of open sources - Langford site permit
Radioactive Sealed Sources Permit (PDF, 558 kB) Registration of sealed sources - Precinct permit
Radioactive Waste Permit (PDF, 129 kB) Variation permit for the accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste - Langford site
Radioactive Waste Permit (PDF, 592 kB) Accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste - Langford site permit
Radioactivity Prior Risk Assessment (Office document, 61 kB) Guidance
Radiochemical Decomposition (PDF, 249 kB) A Guide to the Properties and Storage of Radiolabelled Compounds
Risk Assessment Form (Office document, 56 kB) General risk assessment form template. Also see Risk Assessment Guidance.
Risk Assessment Guidance (PDF, 217 kB) Also see general risk assessment form template.
RPS Seminar 2007 (Powerpoint, 1 mB) Media presentation
RPS Seminar 2008 (Powerpoint, 1.2 mB) Media presentation
RPS Seminar 2009 (Powerpoint, 2 mB) Media presentation
RPS Seminar 2010 (Powerpoint, 903 kB) Media presentation
Safety and Health Audit Strategy 2016-2019 (PDF, 496 kB)  University Audit Strategy
Smoking Policy (PDF, 49 kB) -
Stress Policy (work-related) (PDF, 58 kB) Work-Related Stress Policy
Stress - HR Managers and Line Managers Guidance (PDF, 98 kB) HR Managers and Line Managers guidance on individual work-related stress risk assessment
Stress - Risk Assessment Guidance (PDF, 136 kB) Work-related stress risk assessment guidance
SSA Role (PDF, 73 kB) Guidance for school or service safety advisors
Student Placements (PDF, 283 kB) Health and safety guidance
Support Services' Staff (PDF, 63 kB) Management arrangements for the health and safety of support services' staff
Temporary Changes to Building Fire Precautions (PDF, 226 kB) Process for making temporary changes to a building's fire precautions
Testing Regimes (PDF, 87 kB) -
Trade Union Safety Representatives Report (Office document, 286 kB) Form template for reporting safety matters to the University
Transport of biological materials (PDF, 1 MB) Guidance on shipping infectious goods for trained individuals
Vibration (PDF, 86 kB) Guidance on controlling the risks from vibration at work
Virkon (PDF, 116 kB) Efficacy information from the manufacturer
Work Experience Guidance (PDF, 104 kB) -
Working Offsite Guidance (PDF, 222 kB) Word versions of form templates are available as links from within this PDF or from the guidance section of this website.
Workshop inspection check list (Office document, 165 kB) A workshop inspection form

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