Policies and guidance

There are a number of University policies that apply to all staff, students and honorary staff. Key policies in the area of research governance and integrity are:

University policies can be found on the University Governance and Human Resources webpages.

We have developed guidance in the following areas:

Ethics of Research Policy and Procedure

The University’s Ethics of Research Policy and Procedure (PDF, 254kB) governs the ethics of research across the University.

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Whisteblowing Policy

Details on how to formally report suspected malpractice or misconduct at the University can be found in the Whistleblowing Policy.

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Regulations on Research Misconduct

Regulations on Research Misconduct define research misconduct and outline the procedures if misconduct is suspected.

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Research Governance and Integrity Policy

The University has introduced a Research Governance and Integrity Policy (PDF, 300kB) to formalise existing guidance and good practice across all of the University’s research activities. The Policy is based on good research practice principles and the UK Research Integrity Office's Code of Practice for Research

It is applicable to all staff, students and honorary members of the University. It is designed to be helpful and constructive in supporting you in your research and making clear the responsibilities of the University and those of its staff and students. The Policy also demonstrates to our external stakeholders that research integrity is embedded into the University culture.

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have on it. Please email these to research-governance@bristol.ac.uk.

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We have developed guidance on research record retention and archiving for studies involving human participants. Please read Guidance on the Retention of Research Records and Data‌ for further information.

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Research undertaken in the community

We have developed guidance to help minimise the risks to researchers undertaking research activities that involve working directly with research participants, usually outside of University premises in private settings or environments unfamiliar to the researcher. This includes data collection, interviewing, surveys and observational studies. Please read Research undertaken in the community and undertake a risk assessment, using the template provided, if your research involves human participants and is outside of the University.

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Research Registration Checklist

Guidance notes (PDF, 69kB) are available for the completion of the Research Registration Checklist.

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