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Temporary Staffing Service

If you need to employ a casual or temporary worker, or need temporary support for research or teaching, you will need to speak to the TSS. More information on the service and guidance on how to engage and pay individuals is available on the TSS website.

About Human Resources

We provide a professional service on all aspects of employment and support staff in achieving the University's goals of excellence in education, research and enterprise.

How We Use Your Data

Read our fair processing notice for information on how the University processes your personal data.

News and Events

Employment and Long COVID Syndrome Webinar: North Bristol NHS Trust.

This hour-long webinar takes place at 1pm on 23 March. This session will provide an introduction and overview of the impact of Long Covid on people’s working life and provide strategies and principles that can support people’s return to work. Dr Robinson works in the Bristol Long Covid clinics and will provide an overview of the symptoms and management of Long Covid. Occupational Therapist Fiona McKechnie will share adjustments that have been used to support people with fatigue syndromes in the workplace.

To book your place, first enrol by searching ‘long covid’ in the catalogue on Develop. Importantly, then you must sign up via the Eventbrite booking link you are automatically emailed, so the NHS team know you are attending

Top Resources for Wellbeing ‌

To find out more, visit the Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing pages.

Acceptable Behaviour Service

The University has a network of Acceptable Behaviour Supporters who are volunteers trained to provide an informal advisory service to staff experiencing unacceptable behaviour, bullying or harassment at work. They can also support staff who are facing allegations about their own behaviour.

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