The core staff within Bristol’s QECDT have been hand-picked for their research excellence as well as their ability to communicate that knowledge to others in a practical setting.

The management team

The core academic team

Supported by 35 supervisors from the University of Bristol as well as a wider group of academic and industrial external partners, the core team within the QECDT covers the key disciplines of engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science:

Mark ThompsonProfessor in Quantum Photonics

With a background in both physics and electrical engineering, Professor Thompson has over five years industrial experience and is now taking an engineering approach to quantum technology. A keen communicator of science, he was selected as a lead story for the 2012 UK Science Festival press conference in London.

Jeremy O’Brien, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering and Director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics

With an unparalleled reputation in quantum photonics, Professor O’Brien is an enthusiastic communicator of science, in the media, the classroom and auditorium, and to industrialists and policy-makers.

John Rarity, Professor of Optical Communication Systems

Professor Rarity spent 20 years undertaking research for the UK government, where his foundational studies in quantum photonics gave birth to this field and, ultimately, led to the first demonstrations of quantum enhanced measurement and quantum communications.

Noah Linden, Professor of Theoretical Physics

Professor Linden has over 20 years’ experience in lecturing and has a proven track record in designing postgraduate programmes, including one of the world’s first courses on quantum information theory.

Martin CryanProfessor of Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics

Professor Martin Cryan has worked in the fields of electromagnetic modelling, device and circuit fabrication for more than 30 years, including 5 years in industry as microwave design engineer. He now works mainly in the area of nanophotonics for applications in sensors and solar energy.

Annela Seddon, Director of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials

Dr Annela Seddon is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Physics and the Director of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials. Her research is highly interdisciplinary and is at the interface of Physics, Biology and Engineering, where she applies experimental and computational techniques to understand structures inspired by nature. She is also passionate about communicating science to students, school pupils and the general public.

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