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Taryn Stefanski - Chair of the Organizing Committee for Women in Quantum Development

16 November 2023

Taryn Stefanski of Cohort 7 has taken the role of Chair of the Organizing Committee for Women in Quantum Development, a Dutch organization dedicated to fostering connections and support for gender minorities in the quantum field. In her capacity, she will be leading the organization throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, drawing upon her experiences within the CDT programme.

In her journey within the QE-CDT, Taryn contributed to various projects, including the Entangled with... podcastCareers in Quantum, and the Quantum in the Summer school. These experiences improved her skills in coordination and collaborative teamwork.
Taryn is deeply appreciative of the trust her peers have bestowed her and she will embrace the opportunities to learn and grow professionally in her new leadership role.
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