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I am interested broadly in the control and manipulation of quantum systems. In particular, I am trained as an experimental cold atom physicist. During my PhD studies in Boulder, I designed and built an interferometer based on ultracold (Bose-condensed) atoms trapped in a phase-modulated (or shaken) optical lattice.

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a shaken lattice interferometer, where a cloud of ultracold atoms (blue) is trapped in the ground state a red-detuned optical lattice potential created by reflecting a laser back onto itself. The lattice is then modulated (shaken), splitting the atom cloud, allowing the split cloud to propagate for some time, then the process is reversed, reflecting the cloud and bringing it back together, after which it is recombined into its original ground state. Any acceleration felt by the system during the interferometry sequence then shows up as a deviation of the final state from the ground state.

Afterwards, I moved to Aarhus University, where I worked on quantum simulation and control, mostly in the context of the Aarhus quantum gas microscope. I have also worked with (robust) quantum control of various quantum systems, among them the open-access IBM qubits. I am super interested in remote control of quantum systems, both for research and education purposes, and I’ve also been known to dabble in theoretical projects.

In Aarhus, I also worked on quantum education research, mostly focusing on quantum software tools that can be used for the visualization and simulation of quantum phenomena—particularly the Quantum Composer. I’ve also worked with a number of quantum games, both for education and citizen science purposes.

Figure 2. Single rubidium-87 atoms imaged using the Aarhus University quantum gas microscope. Each individual atom is imaged to a precision of better than 1 micron. The inset shows another image of atoms in the microscope that have been trapped in a heart-shaped potential generated by a digital mirror device, or DMD. We like to call this “atomic luv”.

Current postdocs and research fellows

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Major research topics

  • Cold and ultracold atomic physics
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum control
  • Quantum games
  • Quantum education

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I am always open to interesting and fruitful collaborations! In addition, if you are a student interested in exploring the world of cold atom physics, quantum control, or any of the topics listed in the various papers, activities, or highlights above, get in touch with me! We can explore the possibilities of a project together.

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