Barreto Group

Research interests and activities

My group’s efforts cover a broad spectrum of topics. Our ultimate goal is to develop techniques, devices and solutions that enable exploiting the potential of integrated photonics with special emphasis on quantum information processing. We explore light-matter interaction for the efficient generation of quantum states of light, devise schemes for scalable photonic circuits and analyse the trade-offs in complex photonic systems.

Fig 1: Novel optical modulation mechanism for cryogenic photonics Fig 2: Optimising the trade-off between purity and brightness in cavity-based probabilistic photon sources
Characterising non-linear optical properties of waveguides at cryogenic temperatures
Ultra-fast optical modulation at cryogenic temperatures using Barium Titanate thin flims (in collaboration with IBM)

Major research topics

  • Quantum Devices
  • Quantum Systems Engineering
  • Single Photon Detectors
  • Photon Sources
  • Cryogenics
  • Scalability

(pictured above: High-performance cryocooler and adapted cryogenic FPGA control unit)

Current postdocs and research fellows

Current PhD students

Recent publications

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