Pugh Group

Research interests and activities

My current research interest explores methods of coupling single photons from directly targeted implanted quantum emitters efficiently into integrated photonic circuitry. My expertise lies in the design, simulation and prototype fabrication using photonic crystals, plasmonics and metamaterials. With this expertise, I am collaborating on projects to reduce the footprint of non-linear on-chip photon sources.

I also have a keen interest and ongoing collaborations in microfluidic acoustic particle trapping and manipulation with Bristol-based company FluoretiQ.

I hold a Technical Liaison role within the University for Ansys Lumerical Software.

Major research topics

  • Quantum Photonics
  • Classical Photonics
  • Integrated Photonics
  • Integrated Photon Sources & Detectors
  • Cleanroom Fabrication
  • Microfluidics

Active grants

Current PhD students

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I am actively recruiting for these areas of research and would welcome conversations to collaborate on this work.

Recent publications

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