Quantum Photonic Technologies harness the potential of photonic light and energy to dramatically increase the power and functionality of technologies in computing, sensing, communications and simulation.

The “Engineering Photonic Quantum Technologies” Programme Grant, led by the University of Bristol, was a collaboration between leading experts and skilled researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt and Imperial College London. In an , we brought together experts in the field to talk about integrated quantum photonics and emerging applications, as well as showcase recent innovations. 

Talks included:

The event was held on 20 May 2019 at the Wellcome Collection in London and highlighted the achievements of this ambitious research programme. In addition, an expert panel made up of senior scientist on the grant engaged with the audience to discuss “what is the future of quantum photonics?”.

Engineering Photonic Quantum Technologies brought together an audience of academics, industry and funders to showcase the outcomes of the project to accelerate the impact of the grant​ and inform how the research in the programme provides a basis for technological development in the UK, which has the potential to influence the future of the field. Exploring the hardware innovations developed during the Engineering Quantum Photonic Technologies Programme Grant was a useful launching point to engage with the impact on the quantum landscape, developing applications in key areas and thinking about the future of quantum technologies.

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Joshua Silverstone explaining magnification of photonic chips.

Caterina Vigilar and Dominic Sulway discussing quantum chips.

Heriot-Watt delegates enjoy lively discussion during poster session.

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