Preventing Domestic Abuse for All Children

Preventing Domestic Abuse for All Children (The PEACH Study)

Funder: NIHR Public Health Research Programme

The study aims to find out what is known about different ways of preventing domestic abuse through interventions for children and young people under 18 in the general population. Such interventions include programmes delivered in school, and media and community campaigns and initiatives specifically targeting children and young people. Although a wide range of such programmes are currently delivered in the UK, few have been rigorously evaluated so little is known about what works in what setting and for whom.

The research will have three overlapping phases:

1. A systematic review of the existing international literature including quantitative and qualitative perspectives and ‘grey’ literature such as independent project evaluations as well as peer reviewed papers. The literature on cost and cost effectiveness will also be identified and reviewed.

2. A survey to identify current provision undertaken in 18 local authorities across the UK to capture knowledge about local provision from practitioners.

3. Consultation with key stakeholders through three groups; one for education; one for media and community initiatives and a young people’s group. Along with individual interviews with identified experts in the field, these groups will allow a wide range of perspectives to feed into the study.

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