On the outside looking in

‘On the outside looking in: the shared burden of domestic violence’ is a study looking at the health

and wellbeing impacts for the friends and family members of women who have experienced domestic

violence. The research is being undertaken by Alison Gregory as part of her PhD, and is funded by

the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.


We know that most women who experience domestic violence will discuss their situation with relatives

or friends and that social support has the potential to buffer against the effects on physical and mental

health, to improve quality of life, and to protect against future abuse. However, up until now, there has

been little research on how this impacts on friends and relatives - we simply don’t know what toll it

takes on those around the survivor.


The study began in October 2010 with a systematic literature review, and has continued with

qualitative semi-structured interviews with self-identified friends and family members. Alison plans to

synthesize the findings to inform recommendations about meeting the needs of this under-served



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