Linking abuse and recovery through advocacy (LARA) - an observational study

Aims: High numbers of psychiatric service users experience domestic violence, yet limited interventions exist for these victims. We piloted a domestic violence intervention for community mental health services to explore the feasibility of a future cluster randomised controlled trial.

Methods: Quasi-experimental controlled design within five community mental health teams (3 intervention and 2 control teams). The intervention comprised domestic violence training for clinicians’ and referral to domestic violence advocacy for service users. Clinicians’ (n=29) domestic violence knowledge, attitudes and behaviours were assessed before and six months post-training. Service users’ (n=34) safety behaviours, unmet needs, quality of life and frequency/severity of abuse were examined at baseline and three months follow-up. Process evaluation data were also collected.

Progress: Study complete and paper submitted for publication

Principal investigator: Louise Howard, Health Service and Population Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry

University of Bristol collaboration: Gene Feder

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