Demonstrating the ability of the University of Bristol's 5GUK Test Network to host a quantum key distribution (QKD) secured network.

To accommodate the demands of an increasingly digital world, faster networks that are reliable and secure are needed. As part of the Quantum Communications Hub, members of Quantum Engineering Technology Labs and the High Performance Network Group of Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol showcased their expertise and innovation at the QKD over 5GUK launch on 03 September 2019. 

The team demonstrated the ability of the University of Bristol's 5GUK Test Network to host a quantum key distribution (QKD) secured network and to deliver dynamic QKD key exchange over end-to-end core, metro and access networks using open-source software developed by researchers in the group. There were demonstrations of the network, as well as QKD applications, ranging from securing national infrastructure to securing end-user transactions.


Quantum Communications Hub Prof Tim Spiller (PDF, 196kB)
Introduction to Quantum Security Capabilities in 5GUK Test Networks Prof Reza Nejabati (PDF, 4,955kB)
Demo 1: Software Defined Multidomaine Quantum Secured Network Field Trial Reza Nejabati (PDF, 6,738kB)
Demo 2: Fully Meshed Dynamically Switched QKD Metro Network  George Kanellos (PDF, 3,397kB)
Demo 3: Practical Handheld QKD  Richard Collins (PDF, 9,233kB)
Demo 4: KETS Quantum Secured Technology Philip Sibson (PDF, 2,635kB)

This project is funded by the Quantum Communications Hub (EPSRC ref: EP/M013472/1).

Anderson Bravalheri, Rodrigo Stange Tessinari, and Emilio Hugues Salas showing off network demonstration.
Anderson Bravalheri, Rodrigo Stange Tessinari, and Emilio Hugues Salas showing the network demonstration.
Richard Collins explains CQP toolkit
Richard Collins demonstrating CQP toolkit
Philip Sibson sharing KETS demonstration
KETS demonstration of prototype QKD system
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