Past events

As well as our regular events, we also host a number of annual and one-off events, from tours of different faith centres to services. All these events are run by the Chaplaincy team. Here is a list of our annual and one-off events that the Chaplaincy has run in the past.

Chaplaincy blog

During the lockdown, we set up a Chaplaincy blog, to create a space in which members of the Chaplaincy community can share their experiences of Chaplaincy and the lockdown. To check out the blog, click here


Death Cafe (Monthly)

A death café is a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a sharing group rather than a grief support or counselling session. The aim is to create a comfortable and safe space for peoples to talk and share personal experience and feelings about death. To find out more about Death Café, click here. At the Chaplaincy, we host a Death Cafe for staff and students at the university every month during term time. 


Faith Crawl (Bi-annual)

The Faith Crawl is one of our most popular events of the year. As a group of between 10 to 35 people, we travel around to different local faith centres in Bristol. Every time we run the event, we switch up which faith centres we visit, to allow us to visit a range of centres from different faith groups. At each centre, we have a short talk from representatives of that local faith community about how faith is lived out. This is followed by an opportunity for the staff and students to ask any questions that they have. To end the evening off, we all head back to the chaplaincy for a vegetarian curry and an opportunity to reflect on the day.

You can watch a video of our 2014 Faith Crawl here:



Welcome/Wisdom Talks  (Bi-annual)

Twice a year, in the Autumn and Spring term, the Chaplaincy team hosts a series of discussions based on faith and spirituality. Typically, we hear a short 5-minute talk from one or two chaplains about their take on a specific topic, then open into a conversation in which everyone can contribute. In the past, we have covered: Wellbeing, finance, mental health, relationships, poetry, politics and activism. This is a great opportunity for any staff or students to explore faith and spirituality in a relaxed and safe space.


Spirituality Retreats  (Annual)

These are opportunities for any student, regardless of their religious views, to enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation whilst learning about aspects of Christian spirituality. The retreats often include short talks, country walks and an oppeotunity to socialise with other students, often from different universities. In the past, we have visited Cold Ash retreat centre and Worth Abbey.


Carol Service  (Annual)

Every December, the Chaplaincy team organises the University Carol service, held in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building. The theme is different every year and is a mixture of carols, readings and reflections. The service ends with the traditional mince pie!


Anne Spenser Memorial Lecture  (Annual)

Every year in the Spring or Summer team, the Chaplaincy team hosts a guest speaker to give a lecture on a topic that they are interested in. Unfortunately, in the current context it will not be possible to run our usual annual Anne Spencer Memorial lecture for 2019-20. But instead, feel free to take the opportunity to listen to lectures in the series that you might have missed over the last four years: 

  • Sami Awad on peacemaking in the Holy Land
  • Ruth Hunt on LGBT inclusion and faith
  • Linda Woodhead on the rise of 'no religion'
  • Kalwant Bhopal on BAME experiences in HE 


Christmas events (Annual)

For the first time in December 2019, the Chaplaincy team offered staff and students an opportunity to gather for a meal and walk during the Christmas week. This included the group sharing a meal together on Christmas eve then attending a Christmas service together at Bristol Cathedral on Christmas day. After the service, the group then went on a long walk around the city centre. The aim of these events were to ensure that staff and students, who are staying in Bristol over the Christmas period, had the chance to share Christmas with a group of people. We hope to run these events again next Christmas!


End of year BBQ  (Annual)

To celebrate the end of the academic year, we invite all students and staff to join the Chaplaincy for a vegetarian BBQ. 


10th Anniversay Celebration, 2016

In 2006, we celebrated ten years since becoming a Multifaith Chaplaincy. This included running a sucessful academic symposium on interfaith issues, with guest speakers including Professor Tariq Modood and Professor Grace Davie. The celebration then continued with a party in the Chaplaincy and a performance by the Bristol Suspensions, a student acapella group.


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