Lunchtime Socials

Each of our lunchtime socials is themed and we invite you to join us, to connect, unwind and recharge for the day ahead. Bring along your lunchbox and enjoy free tea, coffee and a slice of cake.

Weekdays 12-2pm

Our lunchtime socials are sometimes subject to change, so keep an eye on the live event calendar and check out our Instagram page for regular updates.


Soup Lunch

We serve homemade vegan soup and bread, so that you can start your week feeling warm and connected.

There is currently no charge for our Soup Lunch and it is first come first served.


Zero Waste Café

Enjoy a homemade meal using good-to-eat food that otherwise would have gone to waste, sourced from around Bristol.

Cooked for students, by students. If you'd like to volunteer to help cook or wash up, please email


Board Games Social

Join us in the common room for hot drinks, board games and lovely conversation. We'll pop some chilled music on and make sure it's a super comfy space for you. Enjoy.


Intercultural Craft Corner

Make friends and learn how we express creativity across the world. This fun and informal event will include a variety of craft activities, from papercutting in the style of Matisse, to Japanese origami, the painting of icons, calligraphy, and more! All materials are provided, and hot drinks and cakes are always available.


Lunch & Language

What does an everyday meal look like in Mexico? What Chinese phrase is hard to translate into other languages? Join us to share a free cultural meal and learn more about the language of the place it came from! Each week, we sample cultural foods from a different area of the world and learn a few basics and any untranslatable sayings in the area's language from a native speaker. No need to book, just drop in anytime between 12 and 2pm.

As this event relies on student or staff volunteers, where we do not have a language for that week, we will serve up a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes and baked beans (a classic simple British meal).

We would love you to get in touch if you'd like to volunteer to share your language and cultural food on a Friday, wherever you are from! Email


There is currently no charge for this lunchtime event.

Our lunchtime socials are run on a first-come first-served basis.

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