Lunchtime Socials

These are our regular, free of charge weekly acitivites at the chaplaincy. Each of our lunchtime socials is themed and we invite you to join us, to connect, unwind and recharge for the day ahead. Bring along your lunchbox and enjoy free tee and coffee.

Weekdays 12-2pm

Our lunchtime socials are sometimes subject to change, so keep an eye on the live event calendar and check out our Instagram page for regular updates.

Our lunchtime socials are run on a first-come first-served basis.


Soup Lunch

We serve homemade vegan soup and bread, so that you can start your week feeling warm and connected.

There is currently no charge for our Soup Lunch and it is first come first served.


Zero Waste Café

Enjoy a home-cooked meal using good-to-eat food that otherwise would have gone to waste, sourced from around Bristol.

Cooked for students, by students. If you'd like to volunteer to help cook or wash up, please email


Chai + Chill 

Come along for our own recipe, homemade vegan spiced chai and have a chat and relax at the midpoint of the week.


Intercultural Craft Corner

Make friends and learn how we express creativity across the world. This fun and informal event will include a variety of craft activities, from papercutting in the style of Matisse, to Japanese origami, the painting of icons, calligraphy, and more! All materials are provided, and hot drinks and cakes are always available.


Baked Potatoes + more!

To end the week we will serve up a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes and spiced up baked beans (our take on a classic British meal).


With our wonderfully diverse community, every month we'll have some kind volunteers that offer to cook a delicious meal from their home culture! In the past we've had Italian, Greek, Punjabi, Moroccan with the the list going on. Who knows what this year will bring! Keep an eye out on our instagram/facebook for updates!

If you'd like to volunteer to share your home cultural food with us on a Friday - wherever you are from - email

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our events, please feel welcome to email us at

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