Lunchtime Socials

Each of our lunchtime socials is themed and we invite you to join us, to connect, unwind and recharge for the day ahead. Bring along your lunchbox and enjoy free tea, coffee and a slice of cake.

Weekdays 12-2pm


Soup Lunch

We serve homemade vegan soup and bread, so that you can start your week feeling warm and connected.

There is currently no charge for our Soup Lunch.


Board Game Café

Enjoy your lunchtime around a board game. You can borrow our board games or bring your own.


Mindful Art Club

Unwind midweek, draw, paint, colour, scribble, doodle... a wonderful space for quiet reflection, or to meet other students in a calm and welcoming environment. We will have some basic art supplies available to use for free, or you can bring along your own materials too!


Inter-Cultural Craft Corner

Make friends and learn how we express creativity across the world. This fun and informal event will include a variety of craft activities, from papercutting in the style of Matisse, to Japanese origami, the painting of icons, calligraphy, and more! All materials are provided, and hot drinks and cakes are always available at the Multifaith Chaplaincy.



On Fridays we rest. Join us in the common room for tea, cake and lovely conversation. We'll pop some chilled music on and make sure its a super comfy space for you. Enjoy

 Our lunchtime socials are run on a first first-come first-served basis. We have 12 spaces at each, so arrive in good time.

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