What is it like to work here?

Being a woman from an ethnic minority working in academia is a challenge. My managers and directors are mostly women, and go out of their way to support other women and help them progress.

Dr Loubaba Mamluk, Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology

More positive role models are definitely needed as an inspiration to others – if I can do it, so can you.

Dr Denize Atan, Clinical Lead for Neuro-ophthalmology and Honorary Senior Lecturer

With the exception of teaching hours, I can reschedule my work and experiments to fit in with family life as necessary, and that's a really important benefit of the University environment.

Dr Liang-Fong Wong, Senior Lecturer

[Flexible working] is something you have to justify, but my request was dealt with seriously. It means that I regularly have breakfast with my kids and share the drop-off at school and nursery before I come into work.

Dr Andrew Wills, Senior Lecturer in Applied Statistics

The supportive stance of the faculty, along with invaluable support from my husband, has enabled me to do an exciting job but also to be there for my family.

Dr Kate Whittington, Graduate Education Director

[Initiatives like Athena SWAN] help to demonstrate that people like me – a young woman from an ethnic minority background – will be openly supported at places like Bristol.

Dr Dee Knipe, Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology
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