Resource Lists: guidance for staff

Library help with resource lists

  • If you have not previously used Resource Lists for your unit we can build a list from scratch based on your annotated Word document or PDF.
  • We can help with making amendments to your existing list.

Please contact us for further information.  Assistance with building and amending lists will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

Resource Lists is a service provided by the Library which allows you to create and maintain accessible online resource lists for your students.

  • You can also request scans of chapters/excerpts from books and articles from journals, to be hosted in the list.
  • Lists can be shared with your students in Blackboard, or via a direct link from other webpages.
  • The Library will purchase one copy of any title on a list that is not currently held in stock.

The support guides on the right show you how to create your list, add resources to it, request scans, and share it with your students. 

Your subject librarian can also provide advice and support on how best to use Resource Lists for your unit.


If you require additional advice or support in creating and editing your list, please contact your subject librarian.

For more information about requesting scans, please contact the Library's Content Procurement team at

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