Stand Up Speak Out

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We want staff to feel they are part of an inclusive and supported community where they can thrive and enjoy an excellent staff experience. To achieve this, we want to empower staff to challenge all forms of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. However, we recognise that it can be difficult to tell others how their behaviour makes you feel.

Stand Up, Speak Out is an initiative which acts as an umbrella for a range of tools to promote positive behaviours and to equip and empower staff to challenge all forms of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Here is a list of resources to support the promotion of positive behaviours and challenge unacceptable behaviours in the workplace

The ‘Bystander At Work’ training that I attended created a safe space for staff to discuss/explore behaviours and gave useful strategies to use to challenge unacceptable behaviour (especially microaggressions) in the workplace.

Claire Buchanan, Chief People Officer

We will only be able to enjoy our work and achieve our individual and collective ambitions through team work, mutual respect and equity. It is important that staff feel able to speak out for themselves or others if they see or experience unacceptable behaviour.

Jeremy Tavare, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences
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