Their stories

‌Colleagues from across the University are invited to share their professional and personal stories.

TheirStories is a monthly seminar series facilitated by the Diversity & Inclusion Team, running from October to July. We invite colleagues to share their professional and personal experiences as part of a talk, and there is an opportunity for Q&A. These often includes themes such as; what or who has influenced their careers and barriers they may have faced.

Upcoming events

Professor Palie Smart – Reflections on Leadership

Date and time

13 July 2021. From 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

Guest speaker

Professor Palie Smart – Head of the School, School of Management.

For more information and to register

Sign up for your place on Zoom.

Quotes from TheirStories attendees

 "To remember that everyone has their own experiences that shape them and that they carry around things that you just aren't aware of. Behind every colleague is a history which shapes the person in front of you."

“Getting a very personal insight into people and their situations. It really helped me to see how people had grown and changed and what had helped them to do that.” 

"…It was something I will always remember and was a fantastic way to break down barriers and see colleagues and senior staff as ‘human beings’ with the same ‘stuff’ to deal with as all of us.”

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