Eligibility criteria

You should register for graduation even if you do not know your result. However, you will only be able to actually graduate if you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • the exam board confirms that you have passed your degree by the relevant deadline - the deadline for July 2020 will be confirmed in due course
  • you have paid any outstanding tuition fees by the relevant deadline - the deadline for July 2020 will be confirmed in due course

This eligibility criteria applies to all students, including undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Postgraduate research students should also find out about the examination process for research degrees.

Check if you have passed your degree

You will receive an email from the Examinations Office to tell you your results are available on Student Info.

Check your tuition fees status

You can check if you have outstanding tuition fees and make a payment using the MyBristol portal, under Fees and Funding.

If you do not meet eligibility criteria

If you register but do not end up meeting the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be put forward to the next round of ceremonies in February 2021. 

Postgraduate research students

The eligibility criteria apply to all postgraduate research students.

There are additional deadlines so that your degree can be considered at an appropriate Research Degree Exam Board. 

You should make sure you understand:

If you have any questions about the exam board, the process of examination or required paperwork, you should contact the Academic Quality and Policy office or your supervisor.

Minor corrections

If your degree is awarded at a Research Degrees Examination Board subject to the correction of minor errors, you are still eligible to attend your graduation.

However, you may not get your certificate at your graduation ceremony. Your degree certificate will only be available once you meet the requirements. Find out when you will get your degree certificate.

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