It can be a challenge to balance work and family.  Not only for those of us with children, but also for those of us who have other responsibilities such as looking after elderly parents.

The Work and Family initiative is an important part of our overall commitment to creating a positive working environment for all colleagues.  The initiative brings together information and support for the diverse mix of people who work at the University of Bristol - mums, dads, and colleagues with other caring responsibilities - helping you to strike the balance between work and other responsibilities.  It also provides information for managers on relevant policy and issues such as managing flexibility in teams.

The Work and Family email group has been established for all staff with caring responsibilities to share information.   To subscribe to this group send an email to sympa@sympa.bristol.ac.uk with the words: subscribe work-family in the subject line of your email. Please leave the message body blank. 


A photograph of a member of staff with his adopted sonA photograph of a member of staff with her sonA photograph of a member of staff with his great niece