Leadership and Policy

Leaders in education are expected to continue to improve learning and promote equality for learners whilst responding to the latest changes in policy.

Why study Leadership and Policy?

Through the Leadership and Policy specialism you will develop the theoretical knowledge and skills to lead quality improvement within organisations, to analyse educational policies and recognise international influences on education. Through the different units you will critically engage with ideas and practices related to educational effectiveness and improvement, and to leading and managing organisational change. You will identify and analyse the ways in which ideas and policy agendas act across and within national boundaries. You will have the option to study in depth the theory and practice of ethical management in educational settings, mentoring and coaching in education and social justice in education.

Who is the pathway for?

The programme is designed both for professionals with some experience in education as a teacher, manager, administrator, university lecturer or early-years practitioner, and for individuals aspiring to such roles in the future. It is suitable for people based in the UK or other countries and the flexible structure allows for part-time as well full-time study. Every year the programme attracts a diverse cohort of professionals, who bring their unique perspectives and experience to our highly interactive teaching and learning. Graduates from the Bristol Master's programme have gone on to become education ministers, education advisors, school leaders, direct training within business organisations and university-based researchers.

The pathway aims to:

This specialism develops knowledge and skills for: leading and managing staff, promoting social justice in educational organisations, using and conducting research, and policy analysis. You will be expected to develop your own views and a distinctive voice relating to education leadership and policy. Through assignments and dissertation research, there will be opportunities to study specific ideas and issues, policies and practices that are of interest to you.


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