Postgraduate research (MRes and PhD)

The School of Economics has an innovative research community, a welcoming atmosphere and excellent research facilities.

Why choose Bristol for your PhD study in Economics?

  • Study at a top 5 UK university for research (THE analysis of REF 2014)
  • Receive excellent support within a vibrant PhD community
  • Make use of comprehensive research facilities including the extensive provision of networked software and databases, and online access to all leading journals.

Our research students are strongly encouraged to interact with other members of the Faculty and to attend the term-time seminar series, including external and internal speakers. PhD students also present their work once a year in a dedicated, internal seminar series which is attended by both students and faculty.

Students interested in postgraduate research in economics at Bristol should normally apply to the MRes Economics programme in the first instance. 

Pioneering research

Research in the School of Economics is internationally recognised for its originality, significance and rigour, and for delivering real-world impact.

Explore the latest research publications.

The best thing about Bristol was the research environment and the collaborations that this fostered with a number of colleagues. Having now left Bristol, I really value the connections that I built during my time there and still work with a number of people in the university.

Lindsey (PhD in Economics)

MRes Economics 

The MRes in Economics is a freestanding, 12-month master’s degree designed for students with a potential interest in future study at PhD level in Bristol or elsewhere. It emphasizes the knowledge and skills needed for PhD research. The programme is also suitable for those planning to work as an economist outside academia, but seeking a good technical training for their later career.

Visit our programme catalogue for more details about the course structure and units available.

Candidates with a good MSc degree (or equivalent qualification) in economics are encouraged to apply. Consideration will also be given to students with exceptional academic performance in undergraduate economics or another quantitative discipline.

While the MRes Economics is a freestanding master’s degree, most of of our PhD students are recruited from this programme.

Most of our research students self-fund for the MRes and apply to the PhD programme, with or without funding, during the MRes year. 1+3 (MRes + PhD) funding is rare, but those wishing to be considered should apply to the MRes by 1 December with a view to starting the following September. There is no funding for the MRes as a standalone degree. 

Find further information including detailed admissions requirements, how to apply and course fees:

MRes Economics 

PhD Economics

The PhD in Economics is a research qualification based on preparation of a dissertation. The doctoral programme is offered on a full or part-time basis.

The standard entry route into the PhD is the MRes Economics programme. However, candidates with a MRes or MPhil degree from another institution, or a very strong MSc degree, will also be considered for direct entry into the PhD programme.

There is no particular deadline for PhD applicants seeking admission without funding, though early application is advised. PhD applications submitted by 1 December, with a view to commencing studies the following September, will be considered for funding (covering tuition fees and living expenses) from a range of sources including ESRC, CSC, University of Bristol and School of Economics bursaries. Applications submitted after 1 December will be considered for School of Economics bursaries only. A first round of School of Economics bursaries for students starting in September 2021 will be allocated based on applications submitted by 26 March 2021.

Find further information including detailed admissions requirements, how to apply and course fees:

PhD Economics

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